last update 11.01.2002
The latest news of VPN in 2001
1: Long awaited "The Color of Life", the film version of "Vermilion Pleasure Night will be released, at last. It starts in Tokyo and will be shown subsequently all over the country. You will enjoy this 88-minute-non-stop-visual-experience, in which The Fuccon Family, zombies and sexy beauties will make their appearances!! In Tokyo, it will be shown as 'The Happy Late Show' in CINE QUINTO (Shibuya Parco Part3, 8F) from March 2002. Special advance tickets (1300 Yen, including tax) will be sold at its ticket office from January 2nd. Each ticket comes with a special Post-It, however, please hurry, because it's a limited present!
2: Vermilion Pleasure Night will be broadcast on Sky PerfecTV from this autumn!!
It will be broadcast on Sky PerfecTV's MONDO21 (Channel 279) for half a year from October in 2001. It will start at 23:00 every Wednesday, and a repeat will be shown on Fridays (23:30) and on Sundays (25:30). Please don't miss it if you've already missed it on airborne broadcasting.
3: 'The Fuccon Family', the mannequins who became a topic of various international film festivals all over the world.The brand new series with new characters, 'Oh! Mikey' will be broadcast during golden time from January, 2002! In this new series, Mikey, the son and his very unique friends will be the main characters. Please look forward to it
!On-Air time: 22:48?22:54, every Sunday on TV Tokyo.
(The first episode will be broadcast on Jan.6th .)
■In the 21st century, Vermilion Pleasure Night will take a new turn on the Internet and on DVD, please look forward to it.
Vermilion Pleasure Night Production Committee