Vermilion Pleasure Night Musician Information

+-----Maywa Denki-----+

This is a total art unit produced by Nobumichi TOSA.

The unit name was taken from the company his father used to run.

He plays in blue working clothes and call his songs 'productions' and his concerts 'production demonstrations'.
The cloths he is wearing are the stereotype uniform of smaller businesses, who supported the high growth of the Japanese economy.

Maywa Denki created non-sense machines called 'The Naki ', original instruments called 'The Tsukuba' and objects called 'The Edelweiss' whose theme is flowers. He appeals greatness of these productions.

He plays active parts in various fileds - not just in the existing art world- by holding exhibitions and live performances or by creating CDs and videos and writing books.
He also attempts mass distribution of their art works by using toys and electrical appliances.

In 2001, Maywa Denki started up activities overseas by holding exhibitions in France and England and by putting his very popular production called 'Fish Code' in the USA market.

This unit was formed with his older brother, Masamichi in 1993 and they have belonged to Yoshimoto Kogyo since October, 1998.
Masamichi, the older brother, retired as of 31st March, 2001.

In August 2001, he released the 13th week old embryo's second CD single called 'Samba with Savao' from Tokuma Japan, and its sister production 'Savao Samba Whistle' from Cube.

'Savao' is a pistol shaped ventriloquist's doll and it has the face of a13th week old chatty embryo.

Maywa Denki Home Page address:
>>> http://


Yuko IKOMA ( plays accordion), Kosuke SHIMIZU (plays bass)

In 1997, Ms.Yuko IKOMA and Mr. Kosuke SHIMIZU formed an Accordion and Bass unit band 'MAMA!MILK'. They'd like to play 'the songs lying about anywhere around here'. It means the songs people can enjoy when they eat or drink, or the songs people can hear while they walk down the street. They'd like to be able to play anywhere they wish.

They started playing in cafe bars and on the streets of Kyoto.

After that, other than lives, they've expanded the range of their activity. They hold events like fashion shows, play music for stage and offering music for films and visual works.

In 1999 they released their first CD 'ABUNDANT ABANDON' from NRP records.

At the same time they play live in various places. They also play with bands including Kyupi Kyupi and Professional Dance Center in their live performances.

They still play live at small bars and cafes of various places mainly. They play with other musicians, take part in recordings and collaborate with dancers.

+MAMA!MILK's CDs are available from the shops listed below:
*Chika Kijyo
*Tower Record ( Shinjuku shop and Umeda shop)
*HMV (Shibuya shop), Tahara (Machida shop, Fujisawa shop)
*Virgin (Kyoto shop)
*Reikou-Do (Onomichi shop)
*Jyujiya (Kyoto Sanjo shop)

Please make inquiries to the address below:

Or please send fax to + 81-42-943-5500

The opening theme of Vermilion Pleasure Night is their "Kyoro no Kyoen (A Spree & Frenchjinks)".

The songs they played at 'Special Guest appearance' were:
"Odoriko Nana (A Dancer Nana)", "Kyoro no Kyoen (A Spree & Frenchjinks)" and "Shanikusai (The Carnival)".

Their music used for sketches of Vermilion Pleasure Night:

In the sketch 'Bar Federico', "Sugar Daddy" and "Madam Marie".

In the sketch 'Scuttle Series', "Balloons Over The Carny".

In Opening scene, "Shiawase Na Hibi (Happy days)".

+-----Ennio Marchetto-----+

Ennio is a genius illusionist from Italy, the country of design.

He mimics 50 or more characters in 1 hour. He's been nominated for 'The Best Entertainment Award' of Lawrence Olivier Awards and the Broadway authority 'Drama Desk Award' as same as the Tony Awards. He is also popular among celebrities.

Ennio Marchetto's home page

+-----Yukari ONISHI and Shin-Sekai -----+

In January 2000, this band was formed from the black music top artists of the Kansai region, under the leadership of Yukari ONISHI.

Their music brings back Japanese popular songs from the 1960's and 1970's that were influenced by black music.

The song they played in Vermilion Pleasure Night was 'Yokohama S.O.S.'

+-----The 5 Nuts Do-----+

This is a combo-styled swinging band. They play swing, jive and jazz which were very popular in the States from the1930's to the1940's. Not only the music, but they stick to the background of those days including staging, music arrangement, fashion and chorus.

They're performing in various places in the Kansai region, setting Kyoto as their home ground.

Guitar & LeaderTomohiro MATSUI

Clarinet & Alto SaxophoneRyohei TOMIIE

Tenor Guitar & BanjoSogo MAKI

String BassTomoaki KAMINO

Cocktail Drum & DrumsTakahiko TSUCHIHASHI

VocalTomonori 'KON' NOMURA

+-----Yumi KAGAWA -----+

She won the audition of 'Ginn Paris' at the age of 17. She was the youngest successful candidate in their history.

Presently, she plays at live houses in various places including Tokyo and Osaka, more than 20 days a month.

The genre she can perform is from chanson, fado, canzone to blues. Her attractive voice and dynamic singing attract deep-rooted fans.

Yumi Kagawa's Homepage:

The songs she sang in Vermilion Pleasure Night were 'Kanashimi no Soleado (Soleado In Sorrow)' and 'Maria Lisboa'